*** Spring Term begins April 3rd, 2023!

Enrollment is NOW OPEN for Spring Circles, Tumbling Workshops and Summer Adventure Camps! Sign up TODAY


* Spring 2023 Workshops now open for registration! Spring Session runs April 3- April 29/May 10.

Tumbling Workshops held at Levity Circus Collective, 280 E Hersey #15.

4 & 6 Week- Spring Tumbling Series at Levity!

(Our classes require 6 student minimum to proceed. Classes not meeting this will either be rescheduled or cancelled. Full refunds offered for cancelled classes). 

  • Intermediate 1 & 2: Mondays 3:30-4:30  (6 weeks, ages 9-12). This tumbling focused class takes gymnasts with fundamental skills (strong and controlled handstand, cartwheel, backbend, rolls) and progresses into the next level! Learn to kickover, stand up, press off and gain speed and momentum! Fun with choreography, balance beam, vaulting and obstacles, strength and conditioning games. 
  • Advanced Teen 1 Mondays 4:35-4:45, (6 weeks, ages 11-14). Want to level up your skills? We’ll be working connections, stability, walkovers, extensions, handspring & tucks. Learn tumbling skills on beam, add in choreography, goal setting and conditioning stations- always uplifting and empowering. * By coaches approval. Must have strong body control inverted, solid kick-over & limber, a pos attitude and love for gymnastics.  
  • Beginner 1 & 2’s: Friday  2:30-3:20, (ages 4 weeks, 7-10). Our basic skills class and a great introduction to tumbling, balance beam, beginner parkour and obstacles. Learn to cartwheel, handstand, roll, jump, safety land, balance and turn, and much more! Fun and playful, a sweet April activity and foundational start to tumbling and gymnastics!
  • Intermediate 2 / Beg 1: Friday 3:30-4:30,  (4 weeks, ages 8-12). For our late starting or self taught older gymnasts, and/or advancing younger gymnasts, this class is designed to be fun and engaging! Strengthening and refining skills while  setting the groundwork to move into more challenging skills, this class teaches body control, enhanced flexibility and self confidence! Taking bridges into backbends, handstands into rolls, cartwheels into round offs, and inversions on obstacles and beam! For the kiddo who loves to be upside down!