*** Our thriving Siskiyou Girls Circle Program is now open for enrollment Fall of 2022! Circles meeting at The Dance Space in Ashland.

Thank you & we look forward to adventuring with your youth!

Covid-19 Updates & FAQs

NOTE: Due to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and guidance issued at the direction of the Governor’s Executive Order No.20-25, FlipSide has implemented NEW policies, procedures and best practices to help ensure the safety of our community in response to COVID-19.

Please be aware, until future notification:

  • ALL participants, staff, volunteers, and parents entering our building are required to wear a securely fitted face mask- covering both the nose and mouth.
  • All participants, volunteers, and staff are required to undergo daily health screenings, including symptom & exposure questions AND temperature checks.
  • DO NOT send any children to class who have had direct exposure to Covid-19, or who are showing any symptoms of illness.
  • Report immediately to Flipside if your child has had direct exposure to Covid-19- and if they’ve been in class since their first day of exposure. (We will need to notify the entire class., but will maintain your anonymity.)

What additional steps are being taken to protect students from COVID-19?

FlipSide is committed to offering safe and engaging camps and classes that are an essential enrichment activity for school-aged youth. Because of this, we are working in tandem with other organizations, adhering to state mandates and observing communicable disease management policies.

In addition to mandatory face coverings, daily health screenings and hand washing, we have instituted the following policies, as per the OHA operating guidelines:

  • All indoor classes, camps, and FlipSide Pods will be limited to no more than 10 consistent students.
  • Our only drop-in classes are ROMP- and are limited to the first 8 families. Contract tracing forms will be required before entry.
  • All students and coaches are expected to wash their hands upon entry, before/after eating, after sneezing or coughing, and hand sanitize or wash before leaving the gym.
  • All equipment will be sanitized between rotating groups and after classes, circles, and camp every day.
  • When possible, materials for camps, circles, and classes will be student-specific, labeled and kept in cubbies, and not shared. Shared items are sanitized between use.
  • Ventilation is of the utmost importance at FlipSide. Fans and air purifiers will be constantly running, our north wall bay doors are open whenever possible- and when in the best interest of students and staff. (Smoke and extreme cold are our only occasional limiting factors.)
  • If your child is sick, please let us know immediately! If your child (or any household member) tests positive for Covid-19, please inform us immediately so we can reach out to others in their class. Credit may be issued for students who have tested positive for Covid-19 and are required to miss class in order to quarantine.
  • All participants (including instructors) on OVERNIGHT CAMPS are required to get a Covid-19 test 5 days prior to the first day of camp. We also recommend quarantining the 5 days leading up to camp.

With all that said, each household and family situation has different circumstances so if YOU feel you cannot comply with these new policies or are hesitant to have your child congregate in a small group, please do not sign up for a camp or class with us this session. Families enroll their children at their own risk.

We cannot guarantee a class/circle/camp will happen; We cannot guarantee the absence of COVID-19. We can only do our best to create the safest experience possible. Thank you for your patience as we all navigate this new way of behaving in groups.

FlipSide Covid-19 FAQs

Will FlipSide be enforcing social distancing? How will you keep the kids 6 feet apart?

We will strive to keep students 6 feet apart whenever plausible. We will do our best with lots of reminders, but cannot guarantee this. After all, they are children. This is a mitigated risk, but still a risk. If you are uncomfortable with this, please consider that before signing your child up for a camp or class.

Will the instructors be wearing masks?

Yes, coaches will be required to wear masks indoors.

Will the kids be wearing masks?

Yes, we require children (age 2+) to wear masks. We will require ALL children to wear a mask to protect those around them. If children suffer from asthma or other bronchial conditions*, please let us know in advance, so we can adjust appropriately. *Please note that asthma and bronchial condition are considered in the “high risk” category by OHA guidelines, and are discouraged from participating in physical activities where masking is required or exposure is possible.

Will there be shared snacks or water cups?

No, if FlipSide provides a snack it will be a self-contained, individually prepackaged snack like fruit leather or granola bars. Students are required to bring their private water bottle with them each day. Mandatory hand washing will happen before any eating, and children will be seated 6′ apart.

What is FlipSide doing to help keep equipment sanitized and hygiene maintained during camps?

Stations will be sanitized between groups, and again each night after camp/class in compliance with Oregon Health Authority guidelines. Students age 8 and older will be asked (under supervision) to help sanitize stations they’ve been using. All students and coaches are expected to wash their hands upon entry, before/after eating, after sneezing or coughing, and before leaving the gym.

Does FlipSide have a plan if someone tests positive for COVID-19?

Yes, FlipSide has a written Communicable Disease Management Plan as per Oregon state mandate. This plan includes protocols to notify the Local Public Health Authority (LPHA) of any confirmed COVID-19 cases among students or staff. Contact tracing will be enacted and you will be notified if we have a confirmed case of Covid show up in your child’s class.