*** Sign up TODAY for our Girls Circle Program! *** Spring Circle Workshops: Enrollment Now Open! (ages 11-15) Space is limited.

Please note~ We are refocusing our programming on Circle Mentoring for the 2023-24 school year. All other programs are currently on hold. Please check back later for additional workshops and camps. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to infuse each youth with confidence, self-worth, and a passion for positive inner and outer health through mentorship, movement, outdoor adventure, and artistic creativity. Grounded in community, we are proud to offer a safe and supportive space for youth to grow and explore their changing bodies, minds and emotions throughout the adolescent journey.

We Seek

We seek to foster confidence, joy, kindness, honesty, and empathy by offering kids opportunities to shine and feel proud and strong about who they are.  

We Empower

We empower youth to embrace their growing bodies, minds and capabilities! By offering tools, bearing witness and encouragement to travel just beyond the comfort zone,  we support students journey of growing self-discovery.

We Strive

We strive to meet all youth as worthy and seen. We’re here to celebrate their wins, while while offering an empathetic and supportive space to ground into processing their setbacks. We provide tools and strategies for resilience and self compassion- (whether on the mat, with friends, in the emotional rises and falls or even from a surfboard.)

We Offer

We offer youth a safe space to explore, grow, and push beyond their comfort zones — doing more than they thought possible. In turn, they discover a renewed belief in their own ability and trust for one another. 

Our Team

Tracy John FlipSide

Tracy John

Owner, Gymnastics Coach, & Girl’s Circle & Adventure Guide
Emily Peterson FlipSide

Emily Peterson

Adventure Camp Guide
FlipSide Ashland

Carmen Kerr

Circle Facilitator
FlipSide Ashland Girl’s Circles

Kara Miller

High School Circle Facilitator, Camp guide
Nathan Hubler FlipSide

Nathan Hubler

Extreme Tumbling & Parkour Coach