Fall Enrollment Opens on September 9th. Fall session runs September 27 to Nov 19th.

Our schedule is up- register online! Class sizes are limited. Masks are required for EVERY class. 

 With so many uncertainties right now, we appreciate your patience and support as we continue to navigate our schedule amidst all the challenges brought about by Covid. Know, we are working with one eye on shut downs, case counts and limited access to qualified staff. Classes and schedules are subject to change. We will continue to do our best to provide a positive, safe, nurturing and fun program for our kiddos.


Our Mission

Our mission is to infuse each individual with confidence, self-worth, and a passion for positive inner and outer health through tumbling, movement, adventure, and artistic creativity. Grounded in community, we are proud to offer a safe and supportive space for youth to grow and explore in their changing bodies and minds — from toddlerhood through teenage years.

We Seek

We seek to foster confidence, joy, kindness, honesty, and empathy by offering kids opportunities to shine and feel proud and strong about who they are.  

We Empower

We empower kids to feel good in their growing bodies and capabilities! Our recreational approach to tumbling and gymnastics (and all activities) creates a low-pressure, high acceptance environment.

We Approach

We approach youth with the message that they are worthy and seen, allowing for loving, natural boundaries to guide their process. We’re here to celebrate their wins, and offer tools to get back up — be-it toddlers on a mat, or harnessed teens flying off a cliff (figurative and literal).

We Offer

We offer youth a safe space to explore, grow, and push beyond their comfort zones — doing more than they thought possible. In turn, they discover a zest for life, confidence, resiliency, and new friendships along the way!

Our Team

Tracy John FlipSide

Tracy John

Owner, Gymnastics Coach, & Girl’s Circle & Adventure Guide
Emily Peterson FlipSide

Emily Peterson

Gymnastics Coach
FlipSide Ashland

Rose Spagnolo

Office Manager
Jaden Day FlipSide

Jaden Day

Parkour Coach
Tamara Smith FlipSide

Tamara Smith

Former Co-Owner & Adventure Camp Guide
Nathan Hubler FlipSide

Nathan Hubler

Extreme Tumbling & Parkour Coach