• Jr Twisters (6-10yrs) Twisters 1 & 2 (10-15yrs)

    Advanced Tumbling: Junior Twisters and Twisters 1 & 2


    * Jr Twisters- Ages 6-10 yr. 

    * Twisters 1 & 2- ages 10-15y.

    Twisters is for the advanced gymnast who demonstrates a love and appreciation for the art of gymnastics, a commitment for bettering their skills and a positive and passionate attitude. A mature work ethic is necessary as we work to strengthen both our bodies and our minds. We spend day one as a regular class- complete with games, conditioning and our usual floor, beam/bars/vault workout.

    Twisters is where we refine, link, tighten and grow our skills. In addition to our usual workout, we teach creative choreography and dynamic gymnastics. Building on Rebounders, Twisters is a class designed for advanced tumblers between the ages of 7 – 14 yrs. Jr. Twisters are encouraged to join Performance Troupe. Twisters 1 & 2 are invited to join our Flash Showcase Performers. Must have instructor approval.

    Floor focus is on f/b walkovers, handsprings, tucks and aerials. Beam- Handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, mounts & dismounts. Bars work f/b hip circles, glide swings, kips, mill circles and more. Vault & Springboard focuses on front handsprings & tucks.


  • Why Choose FlipSide?

    Multi-faceted approach to movement: We incorporate tumbling and gymnastics, dance, fitness, group work, team-building, yoga, choreography, problem solving and activities that strengthen cross lateral thinking- all in one class.