• Tumbling & Gymnastics at FlipSide Studio

    Children thrive in an empowering environment which honors the development of the whole child- in their growing mental, physical, social and emotional lives. We see tumbling & gymnastics as an amazing avenue for children to cultivate confidence both in their bodies and in their sense of self. We offer your child nurturing, challenging and strongly guided instruction of progressive tumbling and gymnastics skills. What we consistently witness is an individual made stronger through purposeful movement and intrinsic motivation- resulting in deeper social connections, stronger coordination, better overall awareness and a love for creative, hard work. It is our honor to work with your child!

    Students are taught basic fundamentals of floor exercise, balance beam, bars, springboard and vault in a non-competitive, safe atmosphere. Focus in the younger years is on developing excellent coordination skills, positive social skills and rhythmic movements, creating a more seamless transition into gymnastics and tumbling. Maturing children are introduced to a deeper understanding of body mechanics and elements of choreography with several performance opportunities.


    • Tuition: Tuition must accompany enrollment. Our prices are based on class length- which vary from 30 to 100 minutes per lesson, once a week. Please visit our Class Schedules Page for more information about class times at FlipSide Studio. Or contact us with any questions! *Scholarships & work trade options often available.
    • Class Attire: Please have children arrive on time and ready to go: Proper leotard, stretchy shorts or leggings, well fitted tank top or t-shirt is the safest attire. Girl’s hair should be pulled securely away from their faces, and dangly jewelry removed. Please no footed tights (slippery) or tutus (difficult to spot). All food must be finished in the waiting area and no gum, please. Please send your child with a water bottle.