• May 3o- June 9 (Tues- Fri) 2017

    Ages 3- 5yrs
    8 Days/ 55 min. / $200
    Taught by Tamara Smith

    **Your child will NEVER be in a group size exceeding 4 children! Smaller class size = More individual instruction!

    Our 8 day Total Immersion Swim Series is designed to train children age 3-5yrs to swim comfortably underwater. Kids enrolled in total immersion will work hard for 55min/day for 8 Days. (Tuesday-Friday) During that time students will learn the following skills:

    Days 1-4:

    • Hold breath under water
    • Swimming to the wall with face in
    • Get around the pool by holding on to the side of the pool
    • Pull oneself out of the pool in the deep end using the side of the pool
    • Kick legs alone submarine with face in
    • Swing arms and kick legs simultaneously with face in
    • Jump off the side of the pool and swim to the wall
    • Floating with assistance

    Days 5-8:

    • Freestyle with a breath
    • Breaststroke with breath
    • Swim to a wall when pushed in (Fall-ins with swimming suit)
    • Fall- ins with clothing on
    • Swim width of the pool
    • Tread Swim under water for rings
    • Intro to Side breathing
    • Floating unassisted

    **Please note: Your child will not be forced underwater to meet parent or teacher agendas! I will meet your child at his/her level, build trust, encourage & demonstrate the joy of underwater swimming!**

    The 8 day Total Immersion Series will take place at the Jackson Wellsprings. Admission for 1 parent to swim /soak is included in the class fee.

    For questions about this series or any of our other swim classes contact us!