• Jr Rebounders (6-9yrs) / Rebounders 2 (8-11yrs)

    Intermediate Tumbling
    Jr Rebounders (ages 6 - 9 yrs) $55/mo. 55 min class

    Rebounders 1 & 2, (ages 8-12yrs) $65/mo. 70 min class

    By Instructor Approval

    Our Jr Rebounder and Rebounders 1 & 2 classes are designed for newly and growing intermediate gymnast motivated to further their skills for the pure love of tumbling! This fun and interactive class challenges students to grow their gymnastics holistically with a focus on technique, mental & physical strength training, flexibility and creativity. In an encouraging environment, students will build on previous skills through progressive floor exercises. Every class includes relevant group games, warm up, stretching and floor tumbling. Expanding on dance & choreography, students will have the opportunity to showcase their works of art & skill in the Spring Performance.

    Floor and airtrack skills expand on the handstand, hand walking, beginning limbers, kickovers, 1 handed and power tumbling. Cartwheels and handstands transfer to beam. Bars focus on pullovers, back hip circles, shoot thru, straddle swing dismounts, baskets and more. Vault focus- front handsprings, beginning front tucks.

    Jr Rebounders is a shorter, slightly slower and more playful version of our Rebounders class! 55 minutes.

    Rebounders 1 & 2 Class designed for the more mature intermediate tumbler, ages of 8 – 11 yrs (or by instructor approval). 70 min.


  • Why Choose FlipSide?

    Our goal is for your child to feel comfortable in their (growing & changing) bodies. We encourage compassion, respect and empathy- to help children build themselves- and one another- up, from the inside out!