• Pikes (3 - 5yrs) & Advanced Pikes (4-6yrs)

    Pre-School Tumbling

    Pikes: Ages: 3-5 yrs
    Advanced Pikes: 4-6 yrs


    Pikes: This class offers a gentle & fun introduction to tumbling, gymnastics and coordination skills. In addition to songs and cooperative games, we will also practice yoga poses, positive social & communication skills, and freedom of exploration.

    Circuits and games will be set up each day to emphasize independence, confidence, fine and gross motor skills, strength, flexibility and socialization.

    This is the perfect class for the increasingly active and independent child.


    Advanced Pikes: By invitation only.  For pre-school ages students moving beyond cartwheels & bridges into back bends and kick overs. Still playful- but more focused!


  • Why Choose FlipSide?

    Small class sizes! Younger & beginner classes have 1:6 ratio; Intermediate classes a 1:8 ratio; Advanced a 1:9 ratio.