• Parkour & Extreme Tumbling

    Parkour is moving through your environment with speed and efficiency while overcoming any obstacle that may be in your path. Parkour is practiced without the use of any equipment or special tools. A direct benefit of practice is the ability to see pathways and lines that defy structures built to direct or restrict our movement. Thus, a wall becomes something you can climb over, a gate becomes something you can vault, and a railing becomes something you can jump on.

    Skills taught & refined include but are not limited to: Running, jumping, climbing, crawling, vaulting, swinging, rolling, flipping, aerials & tricking. Kids will continue to learn spatial awareness, efficiency in movement, and most importantly, how to have fun while staying fit!

    Peter is eager to empower students with his truly engaging and uplifting approach to movement- that will keep your children flying through the air safely and confidently for years to come! Join us!


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