• Parkour 2 & 3/ Extreme Tumbling
    Ages 12-16yrs or By Approval
    $55 /Month


    Parkour 2 and 3

    For the more advanced and mature tracer, Parkour 2 pushes and encourages students to take their skills to the next level. Our P2 class teaches advanced skills and techniques sourced from basic fundamental techniques- we work on proficiency of harder and bigger skills and tricking. P3 is BIG AIR. Our P3 class is fast, student driven, and challenges strength, agility, dedication and courage. A HIGH level of awareness of others and confidence to become an advance Tracer is a must.

    Teens will learn to combine skills to better power thru real life settings. Jumping, climbing, rolling, dropping, flipping, and learning to efficiently move through obstacles at increase speed, force & balance. Students begin to develop an individual style to their parkour practice, and are offered multiple opportunities to contribute to the class thru their own creative ideas and goals setting. Tricking includes front flips, side flips, backflips, wall-to-wall flips, and more!