• Parkour 1/ Extreme Tumbling
    Ages 9-12 yrs

    $55 /Month

    Parkour 1

    Our beginning & intermediate parkour class teaches kids 9 to 12yrs fundamental Parkour skills and techniques. Learn / build on basic jumping, climbing, rolling, dropping, flipping, moving thru obstacles. Kids will also have an introduction to flips. Children are faced with linking skills, independent stations to promote spatial awareness, body control, balance and coordination.


    Parkour Practice Gym
    Ages 8-16 yrs

    $40 /Month

    Our Parkour Practice Gym gives students a second day in the Gym practicing their Parkour Skills! Our experienced Parkour 3 Teen Class Assistants have been training all year with Coach Peter, and are ready to set the course, offer tips and tricks and give more individual attention! This class is always supervised by one of FlipSide's amazing coaches as well. Students will have the chance to learn through progressions and ability to practice their own pace- while learning in an environment that fosters positivity, growth and a diverse skill level!