• Sometimes life hands you grace. For us it's been in the form of a tremendous organization called Flipside. They do the kind of work that touches kids spirits.


  • Amazing Classes! The personalized approach is really unique & leads to holistic growth & learning!

    Rating: Parent

  • Tracy and Tamara foster such a feeling of support and well being in our kids. There is no pressure to perform, just warmth and praise to succeed! They have a gift at making kids feel at home in their bodies and proud to shine!


  • I am always so amazed by your creativity and how in tune with the girls you are, so capable of meeting them exactly where they are. It's a gift and I so appreciate that you are able to share it with all of us.


  • I love seeing my active daughter engaged in healthy movement that builds her confidence and skills. Tracy holds the children in her guidance & provides a safe place to explore.

    Rating: Sequoia

  • I want to send a shout out to the leaders of this group- Tracy & Liz. I dropped off a grouchy teenager glaring at me for signing her up for this adventure, and picked up a happy, thoughtful, and calm teenager last night full of fun stories, new friends, and different perspectives. She had a blast WHILE learning that friends are going through what she is as well. “We want to have a reunion- same group next year!” I cannot thank you both enough. Ten shooting stars! .

    Rating: Parent of 12yo

  • Tracy and Tamara are amazing! Both of these lovely ladies bring so much creative energy, guidance, leadership and encouragement to my daughters. I have seen them connect with each child on their own level, time and time again. Each class is uniquely designed to give our children a specific experience, which you just can't get anywhere else in the valley!

    Rating: Kate

  • Brava for the amazing performance last night!! We were really blown away. It was creative, fun, beautiful and interesting from start to finish. And the Lorax message and the baby trees were all additional gifts to the community. N the whole thing: a wonderful gift. Thank you!!!

    Rating: Caraway

  • Kaya had so much fun at your camps this summer :) Thanks!

    Rating: Jawea

  • Tracy and Tamara are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much to you two for putting together such an amazing performance of the Lorax! It is always touching to see how much our kids are learning in your classes. From the smallest buttercup dressed 3 year olds, to the gracious teenagers dancing on silk ropes.


  • Tamara took so much time working to help my son overcome his fear of water! I can't thank you enough. We'll be back next summer.

    Rating: Stephanie

  • I am sorry I never formally thanked you for the amazing lessons this summer. I kept meaning to get your contact info. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!! We have gone a couple times to the wellness springs to work on our "skills." Thank you again for a great swim lesson experience.

    Rating: Katie

  • My two grandchildren both attend FlipSide Gymnastics. One of the things we like about it is the way it is often done as a circuit with very little down time waiting in line for your turn. This keeps the kids happy and moving while learning new skills.

    Rating: Kathy

  • My daughter asked all summer when tumbling class would start again and counts down the days every week for class! Mondays and Thursdays are her favorite days of the week!

    Rating: Clara

  • What an amazing show last night Thank you for giving our girls such a beautiful experience of self-expression, empowerment, and presence, not to mention, just pure fun!"

    Rating: Dawn