• June 19-22, 9:00am-3:00pm
    • Ages 9-14yrs (incoming 5th-8th)
    • Cooking Class & Farming, Wild Animal Care, Foster Care Kits, SUP. Swim & Waterslides
    • 6 hours/4 days
    • $250
    • * Currently our 9-10yr age group is closed out. If your child is in this age bracket you may apply for the waitlist *
  • Pay it Forward Project -A Community Service & Adventure Camp

    In this meaningful camp kids will have the opportunity to experience how we can effect change in our community in a variety of fun, creative and empowering ways! 6 hours a day for 4 days, we'll have fun getting dirty, helping others and celebrating. W'll weave swimming and water play wherever possible!

    Day 1: We'll create and put together heartfelt care kits for foster children. Children need a safe environment- what happens to children who need it in the middle of the night and cannot take their own belongings? How would this feel? We will discuss topics like these as we stock our kits with caring items and heartfelt cards and embelishments.

    Day 2- We'll spend a day caring for or Wild animal friends at Wildlife Image- learning how to care for those more vulnerable. We'll follow that up spending time swimming & hiking, and debriefing about the different experiences we all share- and our responisbilities to care for one another.

    Day 3- We'll visit Wandering Roots Farm to get our hands dirty, and get a better understanding of where food comes from. We'll be giving back by planting starts for both the Ashland Food Bank and our local schools. This service will culminate in a cooking class- we'll create a meal which we get to enjoy!

    Day 4- On our final day, we'll visit a working animal and school farm, helping with animal care and help to build or restore the grounds- while celebrating- with a paddle boarding / waterslides excursion on the lake.



    • Camp deposits are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable.  
    • All remaining camp balances are due by June 1st!
    • Full refunds minus deposit offered up to 2 weeks prior to camp start date.
    • NO REFUNDS given within 2 weeks of the camp starting date.

    Please let us know ASAP if your child needs to drop his/her spot from a camp.  We often have a waitlist of eager kiddos hoping to join.