• June 25-28, 10am-3:00pm
    • Ages 11 -16 yrs (incoming 6th-10th grade)
    • Self Defense – Roller Derby Intro - SUP -Art - Zip Lining
    • $299
  • Come find your voice and kick out your jams! This Girls-only camp offers a variety of challenges for girls to explore their inner warrior- and put her into action! Self defense foundational skills, coupled with some incredible indoor and outdoor adventure outings will have your girl screaming for more! 

    Activities May Include:

    • Self-Defense
    • Zip Lining
    • Introduction to Roller Derby
    • SUP* (stand up paddle boarding)
    • Art or 1st Aid 

     *** We heard you! Feedback resulted in an activity change- we have cancelled the Paintball and will be Stand up Paddle-boarding!


    • Camp deposits are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable.  
    • All remaining camp balances are due by June 1st!
    • Full refunds minus deposit offered up to 2 weeks prior to camp start date.
    • NO REFUNDS given within 2 weeks of the camp starting date.

    Please let us know ASAP if your child needs to drop his/her spot from a camp.  We often have a waitlist of eager kiddos hoping to join. 

  • FlipSide offers Summer Camps for Kids and Teens in Ashland, Oregon. Youth Summer Camp could include: Gymnastics, TUmbling, Swimming, Dance, Yoga, Art, Capoeira, Parkour, Hiking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Rafting, High Ropes Courses, Ziplining and more!

  • Today, our coach taught us how to detect lies and truths based on the direction of eyes, how to recognize facial expressions and how to maintain a mask of focus and neutrality so others are unable to suspect our emotions. We learned how essential it is to maintain eye contact with an opponent while defending ourselves, so as not to reveal where we plan to strike. Perhaps the most exciting part of the lesson was learning various types of empowering kicks, from side kicks to crescent kicks to even kicking while spinning and jumping in the air. As a group, we laughed, focused, practiced technique and became more confident!

    Kaiya, age 13

  • Tracy John has worked with my middle school aged daughter for the past several months and I can't begin to express the profound gratitude I have for her and for the Flipside program. At such a pivotal time for young girls, Tracy offers a strong and compassionate adult role model outside the home. For those of us trying to expose our children to as many positive examples of living as possible, and yet still holding on in the way that parents naturally do, Flipside offers both safety and adventure. I also love that Tracy tackles real topics and offers the girls a safe environment to express themselves, all the while gaining confidence. It's been a true blessing.