• Rent our Studio!

    We offer a safe, engaging & fun environment for your classes or camps. Spring flooring and mats make a perfect place for your yoga, dance, fitness or martial arts program!

    Our space includes:

    • 48x30 ft of useable spring floor & Air Track space = almost 1800ft

    • Aerial silks / lyra / hammock rigging
    • Accessible mirrors
    • Entry with waiting area, kids play area and cubbies
    • Tables and chairs for set up/break down
    • Mat equipment for limited use
    • Fans & air purifier 
    • Studio bathroom
    • Speakers and music accessibility
    • Heat and fans for cooling


    Mon- Tues- Wed 6-10pm
    Thursday 7-10pm
    Friday 7:30-10pm
    Saturday up to 6 hours, bi-monthly 
    Sunday up to 6 hours, weekly

    Cost= includes 4 weeks /mo

    $200/mo = 1 night use 
    $350/mo = 2 nights use
    $500/mo = 3 nights use
    $625/mo = 4 nights use
    $800/mo= unlimited use during sublet hours (as listed above)- must stick to scheduled hours. 

    Contract must be signed with ONE responsible party who is onsite and supervising patrons. Must follow all FlipSide rules and policies. Clean up and reset mandatory. Adherence to agreed hours only. No additional subletting. 

    ** Sub-letters must have references & show proof of insurance before occupancy.**

    * Preference for long-term / regular space rental.

    Contact us for more details.

    541-600-4FUN (4386)


    255 Helman St. # 5 Ashland, OR