• FlipSide offers Gymnastics, Tumbling, Swimming Lessons, Parkour, Girls Circles, Outdoor Adventure Camps, Adult Fitness, & monthly Self-Defense workshops in Ashland, Oregon.

    Our Mission is to infuse each individual with confidence, self-worth and a love for fitness through tumbling, movement, adventure and artistic creativity. We are proud of our deeply connected community and passion for growth, fun & empowerment!

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  • FlipSide's tumbling & gymnastics classes provide a chance for your child to grow fit & healthy while building strength, endurance, and agility. Students are taught basic fundamentals of floor exercise, balance beam, bars, and vault in a non-competitive, safe atmosphere.

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  • Parkour is moving through your environment with speed and efficiency while overcoming any obstacle that may be in your path. Parkour can be a fun activity to get in shape or a discipline to challenge your body and mind.It consists of, but is not limited to these basic movement skills: Running, jumping, climbing, crawling, vaulting, swinging, and tricking.

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  • FlipSide offers Spring & Summer Break Camps for Children ages 3-17yrs. Choose from Outdoor Adventures, Tumbling, Parkour, Art & Swimming Camps! There's something for everyone!

  • Our Summer Swim lesson series for 2019 will include private lessons only - at the Jackson Wellsprings or in your private pool.

  • North Mountain Park Photo Scavenger Hunt

    Get Outside This Summer & Enjoy a Photo Scavenger Hunt at North Mountain Park in Ashland!  We had fun making it. Hope you have fun experiencing it!

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    Wiild Things Production 2014

    white cloud .Where the Wild Things Are – FlipSide’s Springs Show 2014 The Wild Things performance was spectacular! For any of you who might have missed it, here is a recap! Each class, Gliders, Springers, Rebounders, Twisters & 1 little Pike performed pieces of the book “Where the Wild Things Are.” Each routine was thoughtfully choreographed by coach Tracy with help from the gymnasts. [...]

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